Cold Chain Technology

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Cold Chain Technology

The cold storage has more refrigeration and heat preservation units than the normal temperature storage, so the space utilization and equipment layout should be adjusted accordingly. Compared with ordinary cold storage, automated stereoscopic warehouse has the advantages of unmanned, automated, high efficiency, intelligent logistics process and high level of ground. In order to maintain the high quality of products, there are higher requirements for storage and handling in special environments, delivery time and order accuracy.

On the basis of providing customized solutions for food logistics centers and cold chain cold storage for many food and cold chain customers, Four-Way Intelligent shuttle system, in order to ensure that the design of automated machinery and equipment safely completes logistics operations under severe temperature conditions, all links of the cold chain system are seamlessly connected.
Through the advanced automated storage software and hardware system, the automated stereoscopic cold storage can realize the automation of the entire process of commodity inbound and outbound transportation, loading and unloading operations, effectively improve operational accuracy and operational efficiency, and bring users comprehensive, high-quality, one-stop services, multi-temperature zone storage, handling and transportation solutions.

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