WMS warehouse management system

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The WMS system is an important part of warehouse management, and it is the intelligent warehouse management equipment control center, dispatch center, and task management center. Operators mainly manage the entire warehouse in the WMS system, mainly including: basic material information management, location storage management, inventory information management, warehouse entry and exit operations, log reports and other functions. Cooperating with the WCS system can efficiently complete material assembly, Inbound, outbound, inventory and other operations. Combined with the intelligent path distribution system, the overall warehouse can be used stably and efficiently. In addition, the WMS system can complete the seamless connection with ERP, SAP, MES and other systems according to the needs of the site, which greatly facilitates the user’s operation between different systems.

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Stability : The results of this system are strictly tested, and it can run safely and stably under load in various environments.
Security : There is a permission system in the system. Different operators are assigned different roles and have corresponding management permissions. They can only perform limited operations within the role permissions. The system database also adopts SqlServer database, which is safe and efficient.
Reliability : The system can maintain safe and stable communication with the equipment to ensure real-time and reliable data. At the same time, the system also has the function of monitoring center to control the overall system.
Compatibility : This system is written in JAVA language, has strong cross-platform capabilities, and is compatible with Windows/IOS systems. It only needs to be deployed on the server and can be used by multiple management machines. And it is compatible with other WCS, SAP, ERP, MES and other systems.
High efficiency : This system has a self-developed path planning system, which can allocate paths to devices in real time and efficiently, and effectively avoid blockage between devices.

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