4D shuttle systems for high speed application

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The mechanism of the high-speed version of the vertical and horizontal car is basically the same as that of the ordinary vertical and horizontal car, the main difference lies in the improvement of the walking speed. In view of the relatively regular and stable pallet goods, in order to improve the overall efficiency of the project and reduce the number of crossbars used, a high-speed version of the crossbar is proposed. The walking speed index is twice that of the standard version, and the jacking speed remains unchanged. In order to improve safety, a safety laser is equipped on the equipment to prevent danger from high-speed operation.

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Standard business

Receipt assembly and storage out of warehouse
Relocation and inventory charging change layer

Technical parameters

project Basic data Remark
model SX-ZHC-H- 1210-2T
Applicable tray Width: 1200mm Depth: 1000mm
Maximum load Max 1500kg
height/weight Body height: 150mm, Shuttle weight: 350KG
Walking main X direction speed Maximum no load: 3.0 m/s, maximum full load: 2 .0m/s
walking acceleration ≤ 1.0m/S 2
motor Brushless Servo Motor 48VDC 1 5 00W Imported servo
server Driver Brushless Servo Driver Imported servo
Walk in Y direction speed Maximum no-load: 2.0m /s, maximum full-load: 1.0 m/s
walking acceleration ≤ 0.6m/S 2
motor Brushless Servo Motor 48VDC 15 00W Imported servo
server Driver Brushless Servo Driver Imported servo
cargo jacking Jacking height 30 mm _
motor Brushless motor 48VDC 75 0W Imported servo
main jacking Jacking height 35 mm
motor Brushless motor 48VDC 75 0W Imported servo
Main channel/positioning method Walking positioning: barcode positioning / laser positioning Germany P+F/SICK
Secondary channel/positioning method Walking positioning: photoelectric + encoder Germany P+F/SICK
Tray positioning: laser + photoelectric Germany P+F/SICK
Control System S7-1200 PLC Programmable Controller Germany SIEMENS
remote control Working frequency 433MHZ, communication distance at least 100 meters Import customized
Power supply lithium battery Domestic high quality
Battery parameters 48V, 30AH, use time ≥ 6h, charging time 3h, rechargeable times: 1000 times maintenance free
speed control method Servo control, low speed constant torque
Crossbar control method WCS scheduling, touch computer control, remote control control
operating noise level ≤60db
Painting requirements Rack combination (black), top cover red, front and rear aluminum white
ambient temperature Temperature: 0℃~50℃Humidity: 5% ~ 95% (no condensation)

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