New Energy Field

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New Energy Field

The rapid development of production capacity in the new energy lithium battery industry has created a huge demand for factory logistics automation systems, but the new energy battery industry is very different from other industries in terms of storage methods. Nanjing Four-Way Intelligence has accumulated many years of experience in industry implementation to provide customers with different storage methods.

The new energy battery intelligent stereoscopic warehouse is composed of stereoscopic shelves, stackers, RGV, AMR, automatic unpacking and palletizing and other intelligent storage equipment. Relying on the intelligent operating system, it can automatically and quickly complete the steps of shaking, weighing, sealing, palletizing, etc. , saving manpower and improving efficiency. The reasonable layout of the new energy battery intelligent stereoscopic warehouse can minimize the energy consumption used for temperature control in the production process, so that customers can save costs more reasonably and improve the quality of battery products. At the same time, the functions and fire protection equipment of our products add more Worry-free guarantee for the project.

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