Pharmaceutical Industry

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Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry has the characteristics of multiple inventory categories, short period, large orders, and small batches of varieties. It is very important to realize the automatic monitoring and management of the entire logistics process of medicines from storage, storage to delivery. The human management mechanism adopted in traditional medical storage, which has a large labor load and low efficiency.

There is no effective overall planning and fine management of storage locations for drug storage and delivery, and it cannot meet the temperature requirements of different types of drugs in different warehouse areas, transportation, storage and other links. Humidity and zoning requirements, the quality of medicines, the time of entry and exit, and the date of production are controlled, which is very easy to cause expired goods and unnecessary loss. The automated stereoscopic warehouse adopts the pallet/box unit storage method, which realizes the highly automated operation of the whole process of medicines, including putting on racks, picking whole pieces, sorting parts, rechecking packaging, and recycling empty containers, and at the same time meets the needs of the drug storage process.

Temperature monitoring, batch number management, expiration date management, first-in-first-out requirements. The space utilization rate can reach 3-5 times than traditional flat warehouse, save 60% to 80% of manpower, and improve the operation efficiency by more than 30%, which not only greatly reduces the area occupied by the drug warehouse, but also improves the accuracy of the warehousing and logistics links of pharmaceutical companies It also reduces the error rate of drug delivery and the comprehensive production cost of the enterprise, and the safety of drug storage is also guaranteed under the premise of ensuring storage density.

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