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RGV stands for Rail Guide Vehicle, is also called a trolley. RGV is used in warehouses with various high-density storage methods, and the aisles can be designed according to any length to increase the storage capacity of the entire warehouse. In addition, when working, you can also take advantage of the fact that the forklift does not need to enter the lane way, combined with the rapid movement of the trolley in the lane way, it can effectively improve the operational efficiency of the warehouse and make it more safety.

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The fast operation speed can greatly reduce storage costs, improve production efficiency, and make the logistics system easier and faster.


Product number  
Carrying capacity 1.5T
load travel speed 0.5-0.9m/s
Empty load driving speed 1.0-1.2m/s
acceleration 0.3-0.5m/s²
outline size L2500*W1500*H300mm
voltage 3-phase 380V/50HZ10

Application scenario

RGV is widely used in logistics systems and station production lines, such as outbound/inbound platforms, various buffer stations, conveyors, elevators, line edge stations, etc. Transportation of materials according to plans and instructions can significantly reduce transportation costs and improve transportation efficiency.

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