Tray folding machine

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Tray folding machine is an automatic equipment, which is also called code tray machine,  it’s used in tray conveying system, combined with various conveyors, to distribute empty trays to the conveying line. The tray folding machine is used to stack single pallets into pallets stacking, including: pallet stacking support structure, pallet lifting table, load sensor, pallet position detection, open/close robot sensor, lift, lower, central position switch.

Product Detail

Product Tags


● Save space and make the workplace tidy

● Optimize pallet sorting workflow and improve pallet turnover efficiency

● Improve the working environment and make the working scene more orderly

● Reduce pallet occupation and save the cost

● Save labor and increase productivity

● Use mechanical palletizing to improve pallet handling efficiency

● Replace manual work, avoid work injuries, and protect the safety of operators

● Reduce the use of large forklifts, making pallet palletizing easier and more efficient


Product number  
Height 1050mm
Stack positioning accuracy(mm) ±5mm
Stacking speed (pcs/min) 4.3pcs/min
Disassembly speed (pcs/min) 4.3pcs/min
Horizontal conveying speed 16m/min
Installed capacity (kw) 1.1KW

Application scenario

This equipment is suitable for both normal temperature and low temperature -25 ℃, easy to operate. It is widely used in furniture industry, automobile industry, railway industry, construction industry, electrical industry, gardening industry, etc.

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