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AMR trolley, it is a transport vehicle equipped with automatic guidance devices such as electromagnetic or optical, which can travel along the prescribed guiding path, has safety protection and various transfer functions. In industrial applications, it is a transport vehicle that does not require a driver. Its power source is a rechargeable battery.

Submerged AMR: sneak into the bottom of the material truck, and automatically mount and separate to realize material delivery and recycling operations. Based on various positioning and navigation technologies, automatic transport vehicles that do not require human driving are collectively referred to as AMR.

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● High automation

Controlled by computer, electric control equipment, magnetic induction sensor, laser reflector, etc. When auxiliary materials are needed in a certain part of the workshop, the staff will input relevant information into the computer terminal, and the computer terminal will send the information to the central control room, and professional technicians will issue instructions to the computer. With the cooperation of electronic control equipment, this instruction is finally accepted and executed by AMR—delivering the auxiliary materials to the corresponding location.

● Charging automation

When the power of the AMR car is about to run out, it will send a request command to the system to request charging (general technicians will set a value in advance), and automatically "queue" to the charging place for charging after the system allows it. In addition, the battery life of the AMR car is very long (more than 2 years), and it can work for about 4 hours every 15 minutes of charging.

● Beautiful, improve viewing, thereby improving the image of the enterprise.

● Easy to use, less space occupied, AMR trolleys in production workshops can shuttle back and forth in each workshop.


Product number  
Specified load 1500kg
Rotation diameter 1265mm
Positioning accuracy ±10mm
The scope of work move
Lift height 60mm
Navigation method SLAM/QR code
Rated operating speed (no load) 1.8m/s
Drive mode differential drive
Whether Imported or not no
Weight 280kg
Rated working hours 8h
Rotation speed max. 120°/s

Application scenario

Widely used in warehousing and logistics industry, manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical field, food and beverage, chemical and special industries.

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