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The palletizer is the product of the organic combination of machinery and computer programs,it Improves the efficiency of modern production. Palletizing machines are widely used in the palletizing industry. Palletizing robots can greatly save labor cost  and floor space.

The palletizing robot is flexible, precise, fast, efficient, stable and efficient.

The palletizing robot system uses a coordinate robot device, which has the advantages of small footprint and small volume. The idea of establishing an efficient, efficient and energy-saving fully automated block machine assembly line can be realized.

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● The structure is simple and only a few parts are needed. The result is low part failure rates, reliable performance, simple maintenance and repair, and fewer parts to keep in stock.

● The space occupation is small. It is convenient for the assembly line layout in the user's factory building, and at the same time, a larger storage space can be reserved. The stacking robot can be installed in a small space and can play its role.

● Strong applicability. If the customer's product size, volume, shape, and external dimensions of the tray have any changes, just fine-tune it on the screen to ensure the normal production of the customer. While the mechanical stacking method is difficult to change.

● Low energy consumption. Usually the power of the mechanical palletizer is about 26KW, while the power of the palletizing robot is about 5KW. Greatly reduce the customer's operating costs.

● All controls can be operated on the control cabinet screen, easy to operate.

● Just locate the grabbing point and placement point, and the teaching and explanation method is easy to understand.


Product number 4D-1023
Battery capacity 5.5KVA
Degrees of freedom Standard four-axis
Valid loading capacity 130KG
Maximum activity radius 2550mm
Repeatability ±1mm
Range of motion S axis :330°

Z axis:2400mm

X axis:1600mm

T axis:330°

Body weight 780KG
Environmental conditions Temp. 0-45℃, Temp. 20-80% (no condensation), vibration below 4.9m/s²

Application scenario

Palletizers are widely used in logistics packaging, storage and handling in food and beverage, chemical, electronics, pharmaceutical and other industries.

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