2023 China (Tianjin) International Smart Logistics and Warehousing Exhibition

The 2023 “Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei” International Smart Logistics and Warehousing Exhibition, or “SLW EXPO”, will be grandly opened at the Tianjin National Convention and Exhibition Center from August 22 to 25.

Under the comprehensive promotion of “Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development”, as the largest comprehensive port, logistics and shipping center in northern China, Tianjin Port industry contains huge supply and demand business opportunities, which will provide new technologies, new products, and new technologies for the logistics industry. The promotion and application of equipment provide strong technical support, promote the intelligent and green development of logistics equipment, and provide “one-stop” procurement and solutions for ports, logistics, warehousing, shipping and other fields.

As an industry exhibition, “SLW EXPO” adheres to the purpose of maximizing the benefits of exhibitors, strengthens the buyer organization method with “buyer treaty invitation” as the core, and creates an effective activity system with exhibition display and trade negotiation as the core. Committed to creating a high-level, high-quality and efficient procurement exchange and trade event.

Exhibitors at Tianjin Smart Warehousing Exhibition come from many countries and regions around the world. During the exhibition, many well-known brands appeared, covering many industries, including smart logistics, smart warehousing, solution providers, system design, etc., displaying cutting-edge products and technologies and innovative solutions. China Smart Warehousing Exhibition is a platform for enterprises to explore the smart warehousing market. It is a communication and procurement conference with the theme of smart warehousing industry. It will lead the continuous breakthrough and upgrading of Tianjin smart warehousing industry.

As an industry leader, Nanjing 4D Intelligent Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to solving the innovation, research, development and application of high-density storage logistics automation, informatization, and integration technologies for users, providing users with equipment development and design, production and manufacturing, and project implementation, personnel training and after-sales service and others as one-stop services. The 4D shuttle is the core equipment of the intensive 4D intelligent warehousing system, which is completely independently developed and produced by our company. The 4D intelligent intensive storage system mainly consists of six parts: dense racks, 4D shuttles, conveying equipment, control systems, WMS warehouse management software, and WCS equipment scheduling software. It has Five control modes – remote control, manual, semi-automatic, local automatic and online automatic, and comes with multiple safety protection and early warning functions: regional safety alarm, operating safety alarm and interactive safety alarm.

The future smart logistics and warehousing industry is bound to have unlimited prospects. Nanjing 4D Intelligent will follow the pace of the industry, continue to innovate, seek breakthroughs and work hard to realize our beautiful vision.

Post time: Sep-04-2023

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