Customizable four-way shuttle system to meet diverse storage needs

In the current tough situation at home and abroad, our company has achieved another success! The products of a resource recycling ltd. which located in the beautiful and rich Yangtze River Delta (Changzhou) are exported to Japan and Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States market, due to business expansion, the storage requirements increased obviously. The company and we are carrying out a four-way shuttle dense storage integration project in 2022. After several months of elaborate preparation and testing, the project has been successfully completed and would be put into use when new products of the company are available. The project has the following several characteristics:

1. using our advanced addressing and high-speed positioning solutions, with accurate high-speed characteristics;

2. the components have been precisely selected and confirmed, by super-high temperature test and pressure resistance test;

3. the dispatch use the new intelligent WCS(warehouse control system) developed by our company and the management software of WMS(warehouse management system ), with simple operation, powerful functions, visual monitoring interface, convenient after-sales processing;

4. the flexible transfer of warehouse area , efficient avoidance and maximum efficiency. The company will have great development potential in the field of electric power and new energy in the future, and will also sign a strategic cooperation agreement with our company. At that time, we will continue to play the advantages of our company"s high-quality products and high-quality projects, and give back to our partners and to the community by submitting a satisfactory piece of work.

Changzhou project (1)
Changzhou project (2)
Changzhou project (3)
Changzhou project (4)

Post time: Apr-27-2023

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