Innovative four-way shuttle system to complete orders quickly and accurately

At the beginning of the new year 2023, our company has carried out another four-way shuttle three-dimensional warehouse project. This project is the second phase of the customer”s project after the first phase, which fully indicates the customer”s high recognition of our products and services, and also proves our strength in this field! The company is an internationally well-known leader in fine chemical products, which has been committed to intelligent transformation in recent years. This project has the following features compared to traditional chemical projects:
1.The flexible operation of the intelligent four-way shuttle coupled with the elevator enables storage in any storage position, greatly improving space utilization.
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2.The investment in the WCS  and the WMS storage management system greatly reduces labour costs and makes inventory information clear.
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3.The equipment is simple to maintain and easy to use, and traditional forklift drivers in chemical companies can operate the equipment after system training.
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After inheriting the advantages of the Phase I project, we have also upgraded the visual interface and intelligent dispatching in this case, which is a precious wealth that we have summed up in our long-term projects and customer needs.

Post time: Apr-27-2023

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