Nanjing 4D Intelligent 4D shuttle’s advantages and project implementation

As a new solution for three-dimensional warehouses, the 4D shuttle has attracted much attention from customers. Compared with the stacker, it is more flexible, intelligent and cost-effective. With the diversified development trend of the warehousing and logistics industry and the broad requirements of cost control, more and more users will choose the 4D shuttle system.

The traditional laneway stacker solution is mostly used in rectangular warehouses, while the 4D shuttle can be constructed in a modular form even in special-shaped warehouses, and has stronger adaptability to warehouses. At the same time, multiple 4D shuttles can be used on one floor to increase the system's in-out rate. The rated load of the 4D shuttle is generally within 2t, and it is suitable for use in three-dimensional warehouses below 25 meters. It can move flexibly in four directions, front, back, left and right, and reach any position of the vertical warehouse to realize the sorting and loading of goods.

Nanjing 4D Intelligent Storage Equipment Co., Ltd., as a professional 4D intensive storage system integration company in China, has been focusing on 4D intensive storage system solutions for many years. The core equipment, 4D shuttles and core technologies are independently developed and produced.

In August 2023, another 4D shuttle project of 4D Intelligence is being launched in Xinjiang. Engineers combined warehouse environment, intensive storage, and warehouse input and output efficiency to design the optimal plan and establish two constant-temperature material storage warehouses, One 7-tier shelf, the other 3-tier shelf, utilizes 2 sets of 4D standard shuttles and 2 sets of elevators, providing a total of 1360 vaccine storage positions. The on-site project commissioning work has come to an end and has entered the stage of trial operation. The entire project process is implemented in strict accordance with standardization, and each project link is controlled with high standards. After the project is completed, the storage of goods will be more flexible and efficient. According to the development needs of customers, the efficiency of storage and storage can be easily improved by increasing the number of 4D shuttles. In addition, more storage solutions are provided according to the complexity of cargo specifications to achieve single-deep, double-deep, and multi-deep. Combined mode. Real-time information, real-time monitoring, and WCS scheduling are equipment operations, real-time monitoring of the 4D shuttle coordinate position, speed, power and other status, which can be operated and viewed at any time. In contrast, if the stacker solution is used, the storage capacity will be greatly reduced, and the project cost will be about 30% higher. Therefore, considering all aspects, the 4D shuttle is a more reasonable choice to realize intelligent intensive storage for customers.

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Post time: Aug-24-2023

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