The automated shuttle storage system strongly empowers the digital transformation of warehouse storage in the home appliance industry

With the rapid development of the Internet, AI, big data, and 5G, the traditional warehousing of large and medium-sized enterprises is facing pressures such as rising costs, rising management costs, and increasing operational difficulties. The digital transformation of enterprise warehousing is imminent. Based on this, intelligent and flexible storage digital intelligence solutions are becoming the best choice for enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and create a resilient supply chain. arms”. Looking at domestic pallet storage solution providers, the 4D shuttle stereo warehouse from Nanjing 4D Intelligent is a good choice.
It is understood that Nanjing 4D Intelligent is a leading professional provider of pallet compact storage in China. Relying on a series of independent research and development advantages, it has developed a complete set of high-efficiency pallet-intensive storage system solutions, including intelligent four-way shuttles, high-speed elevators, Flexible conveyor lines, high-standard shelf pallets and intelligent storage software systems.
As a big consumer of home appliances, China has a strong market demand, and the warehousing and supply chain layout of the home appliance industry is extensive. With the development of society and economy and the upgrading of science and technology, coupled with the continuous increase of land costs and labor costs, it is an urgent need for the home appliance industry to realize the transformation of digital, intelligent and unmanned warehousing. The 4D shuttle system library can perform path planning based on shuttle model data to obtain the shortest time-consuming path. Moreover, the 4D three-dimensional warehouse can carry out dynamic planning on the way of multiple shuttles at the same time, reducing the impact of sudden changes on the current path planning, and finally punishing the time-consuming path through the heat map, so as to realize the effective avoidance of multi-shuttle paths planned in the future. With the help of the 4D three-dimensional warehouse, enterprise warehousing can realize the rapid transformation from traditional to zero manual takeover and comprehensive intelligence.
It is reported that the smart warehouse upgrade of a home appliance distribution center in Tianjin is a typical case of Nanjing 4D Intelligent. The overall area of the project is nearly 15,000 square meters, and it has built a four-way three-dimensional garage covering an area of 3,672 square meters. The warehouse includes 4,696 cargo spaces, with a total of 4 layers of shelves, equipped with 6 sets of intelligent 4D shuttles, 2 sets of high-speed hoists, 2 sets of photo scanning equipment, one set of WMS and WCS software systems, and cooperate with RGV and other intelligent conveying systems , to meet business processes such as automatic inventory, abnormal warehousing, empty pallet warehousing, dismantling and sending to the production line, and realize 24-hour unmanned operation.
Project pain points
(1) Low storage capacity: The traditional storage method of beam racks is adopted, and the volume ratio of the warehouse is low, which cannot meet the demand for storage space.
(2) Miscellaneous types: There are more than a thousand types of materials, and the barcodes are too small. Manual scanning of codes is prone to errors, and there are cases of missed or wrong scans.
(3) Low efficiency: There is a large gap in the inventory of each material, lack of information management and control; manual forklift operation, low efficiency.
Project Highlights
(1) The 4D shuttle system realizes vertical warehouse storage, which increases the storage capacity by about 60% compared with ordinary beam shelf storage, and reduces labor by 60%.
(2) For all kinds of home appliances in the home appliance industry, develop a fully automatic photo scanning function, which can identify 7-8mm barcodes, with an accuracy rate of 99.99%.
(3) Plan the automated inventory process, develop customized storage strategies and WMS systems for inbound and outbound storage, and realize intelligent transformation and upgrading; the 4D shuttle supports the operation of multiple vehicles on the same floor, four-way driving, cross-lane, and cross-floor operations, and has self-testing and self-inspection capabilities. obstacle avoidance ability. Realize the unmanned inventory operation of materials and improve the efficiency of warehouse inventory.
Through the four-way three-dimensional warehouse service provided by Nanjing 4D Intelligent, the production efficiency of the Tianjin home appliance distribution center has been greatly improved. Not only has it realized comprehensive intelligent management from the production line to the inventory, but also the operation is more stable, smooth, flexible and reliable. control.
At present, the pallet storage system developed by Nanjing 4D Intelligent with the four-way three-dimensional warehouse as the core product has successfully helped many types of customers provide high-efficiency, high-density, high-flexibility, and fast-delivery “pallet-to-person” solutions. Help enterprises realize the transformation from traditional warehousing to automated warehousing, bring maximum return on investment to enterprises, and significantly enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Post time: Apr-26-2023

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