What are the advantages of a 4D shuttle versus a radio shuttle?

As a new solution for three-dimensional warehouses developed from traditional shuttles, the 4D shuttle has been favored by customers since its birth. Compared with the radio shuttle, its operation is more flexible, stable and safe. In addition to the basic shuttle, racks and forklifts, it can also be combined with automation equipment and warehouse management systems to achieve fully automated storage.

Radio shuttles originated in Japan, and countries in Europe, and were widely accepted in the market by 2000 for its relatively matured technology. The 4D shuttle is a relatively big upgrade over the radio shuttle. It has significant advantages and is suitable for both low-flow and high-density storage and high-flow and high-density storage and picking.

The most obvious difference between a radio shuttle and a 4D shuttle is that the former can only travel in the forward and backward directions, making insufficient use of irregular terrain. The latter can travel in four directions, which improves the flexibility of operations, has high adaptability, and improves space utilization.

In addition, the layout of their conveying systems is also different. Radio shuttles require main aisle for carrier cart on each floor, while the layout of 4D shuttles can be adjusted according to customer needs. The radio shuttle can solve problems such as positioning, power supply, and communication through layer-changing technology, but it does not have the ability to move laterally and has poor flexibility. The 4D shuttle can not only solve the problems of lateral movement and layer changing, but also more effectively solve complex problems such as lane switching, shuttle obstacle avoidance, shuttle dispatching, etc. It will automatically stop and respond when encountering obstacles or reaching the end of lane. It choose the best walking route, and have a greater scope of application and flexibility.

Nanjing 4D Intelligent Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. focuses on system solutions for dense storage. The core equipment 4D shuttles and core technologies have been independently developed and produced for many years. Guided by technological innovation, it provides customers with increasingly optimized high-density warehousing automation and information. , Intelligent system solutions. Provide one-stop services from R&D, production, project implementation, personnel training to after-sales of core equipment and technologies.

We believe that with the diversified development trend in the warehousing and logistics industry and the broad requirements for cost control, more and more users will choose the 4D shuttle system.

Post time: Oct-27-2023

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